• KrystPatch is a high strength, fast setting crystallization cementitious mortar.
  • It’s designed for quick repair work and permanent seepage.
  • Clolour - grey.
  • Single Component - 20kg/pail.


Product Use :

For rigid surface of various substrates.        Masonry repairing and house maintenance
Cracks, holes and honeycombs Sealing concrete tanks and reservoir


Product Benefits:
-  Rapid setting
-  High compressive strength
-  Waterproof
-  Non toxic
-  Good resistance to water immersion
-  High early strength
-  Non-shrink
-  Very good chemical resistance

For best result, a minimum thickness of 3mm is required. KrystPatch can be applied by using trowel, spatula, scrapper or any other suitable hand tools. 

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