Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. If my Concrete roof slab cracks and leaks in a few places, how do I go about repairing the leaks and cracks?

 Normally in the market, applicators use P.U. Injection to grout from the soffit which will not last as the P.U. will shrink over a few months (normally between 2 to 6 months) and eventually leaks back.

As we will hack a groove along the cracks about 25mm depth and plaster with Staykryst which will stop the leaks immediately and Staykryst will  crystallize over time sealing the cracks making the concrete cracks permanently sealed.


2. Why do cracks and leaks reappear after putting 3 layers of thick bituminous compound on the cracks of concrete joints?

Bituminous tends to dry up over time and will harden and cracks will form allowing water to penetrate. The chances of bituminous product drying depend on how much heat or U.V. there are expose to. The more there are expose, the faster there dry up. Furthermore, bituminous being a petrochemical product is toxic.


3. How do I repair cracks between 2 surfaces eg. Brick wall and concrete floor?

It is always best to repair from the positive side where the leakage is coming from, the joint between the brick and concrete whereby if we repair from the negative side, water will travel along the brick wall internally and comes out from other parts of the wall.

We would propose the use of 1 coat of SM100 follow by 2 coats of Stayflex Super from the external where the joint is. This will prevent the water from coming in where the source is. If the external is expose with colored wall, Stayflex Super can be batch to the color required.

If the joint is between concrete and concrete, we can repair internally by hacking the the joint up to 25mm depth and plaster with Staykryst. 


4. How do I know if a product works? How do I test them? Over how long do I test them?

Other manufactures are using Acrylic coating which looks similar to our Stayflex Super which do not contain Urethane for expose roof waterproofing. Acrylic can withstand U.V. rays but not suitable for ponding water, where else Urethane is not suitable for U.V. but good for ponding water.  Acrylic coating will dissolve under water, normally in 24 hours. With roof top  spreading a wide area, water stagnant is normal.


5. How do I know if a product wills last 5 years?

The products will last more than 5 years, provided you don’t have dancing party on top of the waterproof coatings. But even if you do and the coatings is damaged, maintenance is easy, you only need to paint a coat of Stayflex Super over the damaged area and the material itself will combine and forms into one.


6. What guarantee do I have that leaking won’t happen in the warranty period?

There is no guarantee that the leaks will not happen as for example if new cracks occurs during this period which nobody can foresee. But we do provide 5 years warranty that we will come to inspect and rectify if the leakage is due to our fault.


7. Who warranty the performance of the products?

Staydry will provide the product warranty provided Staydry is informed earlier in writing before the installation


8. Can these products have colour range?

Stayflex Super comes in white and grey as a standard color but we can produce any color requires. The darker the color the costlier due to the cost of the pigments required. Stayflex Sealer comes in transparent as a standard color can also be colored by adding suitable pigment  to it. But any color out of our standard color comes only upon request.


9. Can these products be applied inside drinking water tanks?

Yes, Stayflex Super can be applied to concrete drinking water tanks as we have Sirim Reports of non-toxicity of our products, but it is advise to have a curing time of 3 days before filling it with water.


10. When exposed how long can these products last?

Stayflex Super is manufactured as an expose and internal waterproofing membrane. It would be advisable to have 1 coat of SM100 prior to Stayflex Super as concrete tends to release air and SM100 will prevent the air pushing the waterproofing membrane from bubbling. With proper application and curing , applied Staydry products have a record of lasting more than 10 years in Australia.


11. Are these products harmful to human?

Stayflex Super is a water base product and with the SIRIM test report of non-toxicity.


12. Are these products fire proof or fire resistance? 

Stayflex Super purpose is waterproofing not fire proof, but then it will not ignite itself.

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