About Us

In 1976, after five successful years, STAYDRY embarked onto other productive R&D programs and came up with a permanent solution to another major problem in the building industry, waterproofing! Within a short period of time, STAYDRY developed and introduced what were to become among the first and positively the best waterproofing products known to the industry. Since then, STAYDRY has played a major role in setting the standards within the industry.

Our current range of products include STAYFLEX SEALER SM100,  STAYFLEX SUPER , STAYKRYST , INSULFLEX  and RMP .

STAYDRY is playing a major role in setting the standards in the industry and continuously working on intensive R&D to improve and expand STAYDRY’s product range and offer advanced products to an advancing industry.

STAYDRY plans to continue enhancing its product range and spread its wings to new territories and markets in the years to come. Our next territory could be yours.